Mrs. Sheeja Pramod, a woman with a passion for painting believes that painting is the way to meditation. Initiated into the colourful world of Murals by Mrs. Bindu P Nambiar , she has crossed the threshold of perfection under the guidance of Mr. Nibin Raj, head of Mural Painting, Malayala Kalagramam, Mahe. She has also learnt Tanjore Painting and Mysore Painting from the renowned artist Mrs. Chandrika from Mysore. Experimenting with different forms of painting like abstract forms, knife paint-ing, oil painting, pot painting, modern art. “Blue sky with no dark clouds is her hope beyond those mystical rainbows in love” She continues with her magical strokes of brush creating wonders in the world of paintings. Her art gallery ‘SHIVOHAM’ is the epitome of her love for arts. She has been a part of various exhibitions in Kannur and has won accolades from all over. She is married to Mr. M Pramod Kumar, Partner, Krishna Jewels and assists him in the family business. She is blessed with two kids, Ratan and Ranvita.

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